David Bowie: C’est La Vie – The Ultimate Rare Tracks 1964/2016


Italy, 2018, The Godfatherecords, DBBOX

Box Set 11 LP, New, Unplayed, Unofficial Release, Clear Red Vinyl, Numbered Limited Edition #054/300, Very Rare.

Media: Mint (M)
Sleeve: Near Mint (NM)

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A1- Long Hair Interview
A2- I Pity The Fool (alternate version)
A3- Take My Tip (alternate version)
A4- Baby That’s A Promise (demo)
A5- Silly Boy Blue (demo)
A6- Over The Wall We Go (demo)
A7- The Laughing Gnome (version 1)
A8- Little Toy Soldier – Little Sadie (alternate version)
A9- Silly Boy Blue (complete intro)
A10- I’m Waiting For The Man (false start)

B1- Silver Tree Top School For Boys (demo)
B2- Everything Is You (demo)
B3- Social Kind Of Girl (demo)
B4- Silver Tree Top School For Boys
B5- C’est La Vie (backing track) (demo)
B6- C’est La Vie (with vocals) (demo)
B7- Even A Fool Learns To Love
B8- Ching-A-Ling (demo, fragment)
B9- April’s Tooth Of Gold (demo)
B10- When I’m Five (demo)
B11- Space Oddity (demo, fragment)

C1- The Supermen (BBC recording, fragment)
C2- Tired Of My Life (outtake)
C3- Shadow Man (outtake)
C4- How Lucky You Are (outtake)
C5- I’ve Got Lightning (outtake, stereo with complete intro)
C6- Looking For A Friend (outtake)
C7- Rupert The Riley (outtake)

D1- Rupert The Riley (outtake, with sound effects)
D2- Bombers (fragment)
D3- Life On Mars? (abbey road mix)
D4- Oh, You Pretty Things (alternate take)
D5- Five Years (alternate take)
D6- All The Young Dudes (demo)
D7- The Jean Genie (live)

E1- Young Americans (take 3, fragment)
E2- Shilling The Rubes (take 1, fragment)
E3- I’m A Laser (fragment)
E4- After Today (fragment)
E5- Can You Hear Me (outtake)
E6- Win (live)

F1- Heroes / Helden (english-german full-length version)
F2- Heroes / Héros (english-french full-length version)
F3- Breaking Glass (extended stereo version)
F4- Rebel Rebel
F5- Art Decade
F6- Alabama Song

G1- Scary Monsters (outtake, fragment)
G2- People Are Turning To Gold (outtake, fragment)
G3- Let’s Dance
G4- Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (extended remix)

H1- Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (full length version)
H2- Waiata Song (David’s Maori tribute song)
H3- Imagine (live)
H4- Wild Things (Chilly Down)

I1- Dancing In The Street (early mix)
I2- This Is Not America (DVD remix version)
I3- Dancing In The Street (live)
I4- Al Alba (spanish version of Day-In Day-Out)
I5- Girls (japanese extended version)

J1- Modern Love
J2- Modern Love (The Choice Is Right) (TV commercial, alternate fragment)
J3- Look Back In Anger
J4- You’ve Been Around (Tin Machine, live)

K1- It’s Tough (Tin Machine, outtake)
K2- A Big Hurt (Tin Machine, BBC studio version)
K3- You’ve Been Around (dangers trance mix)
K4- Strangers When We Meet (alternate version)
K5- Nothing To Be Desired (outtake)

L1- I’d Rather Be Chrome (outtake, rare extended version)
L2- My Death (The Outside Tour rehearsals)
L3- I Can’t Read (BBC recording)
L4- Fun Fade 2 (promo only, w/o crowd at top & shorter fade)

M1- Trying To Get To Heaven (promo only)
M2- Funhouse #2 Clownboy Mix (Danny Saber remix)
M3- Funhouse #3 Clownboy Mutant Mix (Danny Saber remix)
M4- Funhouse #5 Clownboy Mix Vocal Up (Danny Saber remix)
M5- Funhouse #7 Clownboy Instrumental (Danny Saber remix)
M6- Fun (BowieNet mix)

N1- Mother (outtake)
N2- Omikron (The Nomad Soul game version)
N3- Awaken 2 (No One Calls) (The Nomad Soul game version)
N4- Without You I’m Nothing
N5- Thursday’s Child
N6- Survive
N7- The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (take 1)
N8- The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (take 2)
N9- Promo Speech
N10- Message To John Peel

O1- Silly Boy Blue (live)
O2- Space Oddity
O3- Everyone Says ‘Hi’ (metro mix)
O4- I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship (deepsky’s space cowboy remix)

P1- Cactus
P2- I Feel So Bad (live)
P3- One Night (live)
P4- New Killer Star (aleternate lyrice version, fragment)
P5- Your Turn To Drive (HMV exclusive download only)
P6- The Man Who Sold The World (Reality Tour rehearsals, fragment)
P7- Suffragette City (Reality Tour rehearsals, fragment)
P8- 5.15 The Angels Have Gone (Reality Tour rehearsals, fragment)

Q1- Try Some, Buy Some (Reality Tour rehearsals, fragment)
Q2- China Girl (Reality Tour rehearsals, fragment)
Q3- The Loneliest Guy (Reality Tour rehearsals, fragment)
Q4- New Killer Star (Reality Tour rehearsals, fragment)
Q5- Modern Love (Reality Tour rehearsals, fragment)
Q6- Fashion
Q7- Starman (metrophonic remix)
Q8- Liza Jane (live)

R1- Life On Mars? (live with Arcade Fire)
R2- Wake Up (live with Arcade Fire)
R3- Five Years (live with Arcade Fire)
R4- Little Fat Man (BBC TV)
R5- Sound And Vision (2013) (Sonjay Prabhakar mix)
R6- I’d Rather Be High
R7- Blackstar

S1- Take My Tip (Kenny Miller)
S2- Over The Wall We Go (Oscar)
S3- The Laughing Gnome (Ronnie Hilton)
S4- Love Is Always (Dee Dee)
S5- Pancho (Dee Dee)
S6- Silver Tree Top School For Boys (The Slender Plenty)
S7- Silver Tree Top School For Boys (The Beatstalkers)
S8- Silly Boy Blue (Billy Fury)
S9- Everything Is You (The Beatstalkers)

T1- When I’m Five (The Beatstalkers)
T2- Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola (Computers)
T3- Oh! You Pretty Thing (Peter Noone)
T4- Right On Mother (Peter Noone)
T5- The Man Who Sold The World (Lulu)
T6- Watch That Man (Lulu)

U1- I Can Feel The Fire (Ronnie Wood)
U2- Stone Love (Mick Ronson)
U3- Revolutionary Song
U4- Velvet Couch ( John Cale )
U5- Piano La ( John Cale )
U6- Madman (Cuddly Toys)

V1- Cool Cat (Queen)
V2- Action This Day (Queen)
V3- Fire Girl (Iggy Pop)
V4- Saviour (Kristeen Young)
V5- She Can Do That (Kristeen Young)


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