Iggy Pop: Real Wild Old Man


Japan, 2019, Fuck Pop Records, 87773455254418992 20 19 BEMGC
3CD+DVD, New, Unplayed, Limited Edition nr. 35/300, Rare.

Media: Mint (M)
Sleeve: Mint (M)

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CD1-1. I Wanna Be Your Dog
CD1-2. Gimme Dancer
CD1-3. The Passenger
CD1-4. Lust For Life
CD1-5. Skull Ring
CD1-6. I’m Sick of You
CD1-7. Some Weird Sin
CD1-8. Repo Man
CD1-9. Search and Destroy
CD1-10. T.V. Eye
CD1-11. Mass Production
CD1-12. The Jean Genie
CD1-13. 1969
CD1-14. No Fun
CD1-15. Down on the Street
CD1-16. Real Cool Time
CD1-17. Candy
CD1-18. Real Wild (Wild One)

CD2-1. I Wanna Be Your Dog
CD2-2. Gimme Dancer
CD2-3. The Passenger
CD2-4. Lust For Life
CD2-5. Skull Ring
CD2-6. I’m Sick of You
CD2-7. Talk
CD2-8. Some Weird Sin
CD2-9. Repo Man
CD2-10. Search and Destroy
CD2-11. T.V. Eye
CD2-12. Mass Production
CD2-13. The Jean Genie

CD3-1. 1969
CD3-2. No Fun
CD3-3. Down on the Street
CD3-4. Real Cool Time
CD3-5. Nightclubbing
CD3-6. Sixteen
CD3-7. Five Foot One
CD3-8. Real Wild (Wild One)
CD3-9. Red Light Hand
CD3-10-12 More

DVD. Live Broadcast

Montreux Jazz Festival July 3, 2018 & Sydney Opera House April, 17 2019


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