Soft Boys: 12×7 – All the Soft Boys Certify Insane


Two Sevens Clash Records – 2-77-C-002

LP, Unofficial, with Insert, Rare.

Cover: Excellent+ [EX+]
Vinyl: Excellent+ [EX+]

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A1 Wading Through A Ventilator
A2 (I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp
A3 Kingdom Of Love
A4 I Wanna Destroy You
A5 Only The Stones Remain
A6 Love Poisoning
B1 He’s A Reptile
B2 Have A Heart, Betty
B3 Wich Of Us Is Me
B4 Unknown Rehearsal Track
B5 The Face Of Death
B6 Zip-Zip / Astronomy Domine
Comes with a 4 pages insert (a A3 photocopy folded in two) with articles and a complete discography.
A1 : Taken from the 7″EP “Give It To The Soft Boys” Released 1977 on the Raw Records label (RAW 5).
A2 : 7″ a-side released 1978 on the Radar Records label (ADA 8).
A3 : taken from the 7″EP “Near The Soft Boys” released 1980 on the Armageddon Records label (AEP 002).
A4 : 7″ a-side released 1980 on the Armageddon Reccords label (AS 005).
A5 : 7″ a-side released 1981 on the Armageddon Records label (AS 029).
A6 : 7″ a-side released with the Bucketful Of Brains magazine 1982 (BOB 1).
B1 : 7″ a-side released 1983 on the Midnight Music label (DING 4).
B2 : Taken from the UK fan club 7″EP “A Tin Of Crabs” released 1987 (“A Can Of Bees” outtakes from 1978).
B3 : Taken from the US fan club 7″EP “Soft Boys” released 1987 (live and outtakes 1978).
B4 : Taken from the US fan club 7″EP “1980 Rehearsals” released 1988.
B5 : 7″ a-side released 1989 on the Overground Records label (OVER 4) (different take than RAW 5).
B6 : Taken from the bonus 7″EP to the “Underwater Moonlight” deluxe triple LP edition released 2001 on the Matador Records label (OLE 500-7).

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