Beatles: Back To Black – The Complete LSD Lost Tracks

EU, 2023, The Desert Rose – Beg 21
LP, Unofficial, Demos, Alternates, New, Unplayed, Rare
Cover: Mint [M]
Vinyl: Mint [M]



A1 The Back Seat Of My Car
A2 Look At Me
A3 The Magicians
A4 Let It Down
A5 Hi Ho Silver [honey Hush) (Cover)
A6 Chi Chi Cha
A7 Song Of Love
A8 Gimme Some Truth
A9 I Lost My Little Girl
A10 How Do You Do
A11 In The Middle Of An Island (Cover)
A12 I Lost My Little Girl #2
A13 Save The Last Dance For Me (Cover)
A14 High Heeled Sneakers (Cover)
A15 Oh My Love
A16 He Said, He Said
A17 Everyone Had A Hard Year
A18 You Wear Your Women Out #1
A19 Tea For Two Cha Cha (Cover)
A20 The Palace Of The King Of The Birds

B1 Lowdown Blues Machine
B2 Everybody Got Song/Don’T Let Me Dovn
B3 Is It Discovered
B4 I Had A Dream
B5 Cold Turkey
B6 Brazil (Cover)
B7 Another Day
B8 Adagio For Strings
B9 Let It Be [sung By Lennon (Another One)]
B10 Woman Is The Niger Of The World
B11 Hear Me Lord
B12 Every Night
B13 I’D Have You Anytime (With Dylan)
B14 Another Day #2
B15 Nowhere To Go (With Dylan)
B16 Every Night #2
B17 Woman Is The Nigger Of The World #2
B18 You Wear Your Women Out #2
B19 Bye Bye Love (Cover)


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